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Rare Jewelry was launched at Nymans Ur 1851 in December 2015, after many years of passion-driven research into design and craftsmanship. The jewelry is both designed and produced exclusively from the highest quality metals and precious stones to deliver a classic, yet contemporary collection with an edge. The Rare edge is the essence of the brand, and can be found in every design. The collection has been repartitioned into three product assortments – each representing a different style to fit any occasion. Each product series is named after a goddess which goes perfectly in line with designer and creative director Dannie Larsson’s vision of the brand - to make the women wearing her jewelry feel strong, gracious and proud.

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Rare Edge

Inspired by the Louvre Pyramid in Paris, several of the series in the Edge collection carry a reversed princess-cut diamond, forming an extraordinary diamond stud. Rare Edge is the essence of Rare, says Dannie Larsson, as she explains how every piece of jewelry brings attitude and at the same time elegance to the wearer. Before the launch of the brand, most jewelry on the market made of precious metals and diamonds were too classic in Dannie’s opinion. So, she decided to create her own edgy collection, which grows constantly, as she continues to play with different colors of diamonds, new techniques, and adding even more edge into every new piece. Rose or white gold? Up to the wearers’ preferences.

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Rare Classic Collection

Diamond stud earrings, loops, tennis bracelets, engagement rings, a diamond collier – the foundation of the jewelry wardrobe can be found in this collection. While paying attention to every detail in the design process, the most classic piece has a hinge of edginess in the design to fit the taste of the modern power woman, and to follow her through life along with all those special, and not to forget, also ordinary moments in life. The philosophy behind Rare Jewelry is not to let the precious darlings sit in a box to await the perfect occasion, neither shall the bearer need to wait for someone to offer her the jewelry for a special occasion – rare women shall wear their jewelry every day, and be proud to offer themselves chosen pieces.

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Rare High Jewelry

With a non-boundary when it comes to carat, and often including large, colorful gemstones, please meet Rare High Jewelry. The colorful Sif rings, as seductive as the Norse Goddess of fertility they are named after, and sweet French macarons, got so popular the series was extended to another size in less than a year. Small Sif quickly became the popular little sister, but unlike most siblings – they don’t fight each other, but instead fulfill different needs for their sometimes-different bearers. Both can be bespoken in terms of color of the gold, as well as choice of gemstone. They are worn equally well to jeans as for the grand gala, and a lucky girl matches her Sif with a Juliette diamond collier with her own specially made pendant in the same gemstone.

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Bespoken Jewelry

With a strength in both design and local production, Rare Jewelry offers custom made services in both special requests and adjustments to its consisting collection. We are also the go to place for engagement, as both a wide range of designs in their wedding collection is offered and can be modified in line with the customers’ wishes, and because of the very high level of expertise within the field.

A rare mission

"We are a high-end jewelry brand offering (bespoken) top quality jewelry to the woman who wants to feel proud, gracious and ‘strong-beautiful’. Our means are our talented local designer and handcraftsmanship resource, along with our exceptional professionalism offering perfect service before, during and after purchase –we build relationships."



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